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Albany Modular homes

Modular Home Builders in Albany, NY

We are the top-rated modular home builders in Albany, NY. Our skilled craftsmen specialize in prefabricated home construction and have been building houses in the Capital Region for more than 35 years. The name Albany Modular Homes is synonymous with quality and innovation. We are dedicated to providing energy efficient home designs and delivering extraordinary value to our clients. Our mission is to create a satisfying customer experience that allows you to enjoy the home buying process from initial customization to final delivery.

A modular home, also called a prefab or kit home, is a prefabricated building that is constructed in sections. After the building process is complete, the home is delivered to the final destination and assembled on site using cranes and other heavy machinery. Modular homes and manufactured homes are often thought to be one and the same, but that is not the case. A manufactured home is what used to be called a mobile home or trailer house. A single-wide manufactured home is delivered in one piece while a double-wide may be delivered in two pieces. A modular home is more like a conventional house, in size, shape, and quality.  It is delivered to its destination in multiple modules and is then put together.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced: We have more than 3 decades of experience, and we are exceptionally good at what we do. Modular home design is both an art and a science, and it’s important to pick a company that knows how the two mesh together.

Licensed & Insured: New York State construction licensing is required for any significant renovation type work. It is important to ensure the company is licensed and insured. Our employees go through extensive safety training to make sure projects are done according to local laws and regulations.

Reputation: We have earned a great reputation in Albany because of the quality of our work since the inception of our firm. Take a look at the reviews online and you’ll see just how many happy customers we have.

Flexibility: Your home is supposed to a place you want to live in. We can customize everything about the design to fit your unique needs. If you have something you like the look of, let us know and we can emulate it.

Styles of Albany Manufactured Homes

Prefabricated houses are completely customizable in terms of style, type, layout, size, and design. Let us know what you are looking for and we will build your dream home.  Below are some of the housing styles modular home builders offer.


Ranch modular homes are wildly popular, representing more than 60% of all modular houses on the market.  They are rectangular in shape and are usually wider than they are deep.  Ranch homes are only one story tall and are known for being modest with minimal frill.  Most designs are a tasteful combination of American Western and Modernist home styles. They are often purchased by people not wanting to have to go upstairs regularly. They also fit well on wide stretches of land and can easily nestle into a lakeside spot or mountain getaway.


Modular chalet homes are ideal for snowy locations, like Albany and the surrounding areas.  They are quite stylish merging the Swiss Alpine look with a rustic twist. We’ve built quite a few chalets in the Adirondacks, near Mount Snow, and just outside of Albany. Chalets are easily recognizable because they have pointed, high roofs that are designed not only for a mountainous air but also to keep snow from accumulating and causing problems.  Another great feature of Chalet-style prefabricated house design is large windows to let in ample light and allow for gorgeous panoramic views. Whether you are looking for a vacation getaway or a main residence, chalets are often built in the woods, the mountains, by a lake, or even in small town.


Colonial modular homes are often appreciated for their 16th through 19th century appeal.  With steep, double-hipped roofs, rich ornamental interiors, and central chimneys, colonial home construction is popular in the Southeast.  We often build colonial style houses on farms and ranches. Colonial designs used to have a strict nine-window grid, and the front door was located across the façade.  The standards are looser now, especially in modular home versions.  The southern hospitality comes shining through regardless of the small changes.


One of the styles our builders construct quite often is Craftsman modular homes. Craftsman house designs have open floor plans, providing ample living space while maintaining a cozy feel. They have low pitched roofs, front porches, exposed wood, columns, and decorative stone.  This type of house is very flexible so you can easily use it for a vacation home, farmhouse, or ranch house.  Plant it practically anywhere you choose.


Two-Story modular homes are constructed with two levels, not counting the basement.  They are available in several styles, including Colonial and Traditional. Two-Story houses are great for accommodating a large family and for providing distinct floors that can separate living and sleeping quarters or give parents a space away from children. Most prefabricated homes for families are constructed in this fashion.

Log Homes and Cabins

We build modular log homes that blend modern architecture and construction with traditional wood design accents. Choose from numerous hardwoods, such as pine, cedar, cypress, or fir and have your log cabin assembled with natural or artificial wood siding to achieve whatever appearance you want. A cabin or a log home are best used in wooded areas, by water, or on large plots of land.


Looking to design a house that reflects the architecture of today? Ask our professionals about a Contemporary modular home. This building style comes with an ever-growing list of eco-friendly options and natural, sustainable construction materials. For the house exterior, expect clean lines and an asymmetrical façade with large windows and a mixture of materials. On the inside, choose from one or two stories and experience an open floor plan with a highly flexible layout that can be adjusted easily.


Modular farmhouses are another home style with open floor space and large bay windows to enjoy the scenery outside. Farmhouse designs are typically two stories with a wrap-around front porch, multiple evenly spaced gables, and a rural look. The interior of the home is spacious and places a heavy emphasis on the kitchen and dining area where people come together to eat. This type of house plan is often used on farms or large acreage as the name suggests.

Vacation Homes

Modular vacation homes are designed for individuals who want a 2-5 bedrooms with plenty of space, lots of light, and tons of customizable options. Sizing typically ranges between 800 and 3,000 square feet.  They can be put together anywhere you would like, in a city, town, ocean or lakeside, in the mountains, or wherever else you vacation.

Multi-Family and Duplexes

Multi-family modular homes accommodate more than one family.  The most popular type is a two-family home, also known as a duplex. With the present economy, many people are opting to live in a duplex setting with a friend or family member.  Some love the concept of housing an aging parent next to them and others even set their young-adult children up next door.  Most manufactured duplexes come with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths.  Triplex home designs are also on the rise.  Some customers even take singles and place them side-by-side. The Albany area is excellent for multi-family prefab houses.  Check out our selection and see what we have to offer.  

Prefab House Construction Options

No matter which style you pick out, modular home companies have tons of options to choose from.

Here are some of the most common requests:

  • Porches
  • Fireplaces
  • Office, study, or computer room
  • Hobby or media room
  • Master bedroom on the first floor
  • Laundry room
  • Bath suite in master bedroom
  • Bedroom above garage or family room
  • Walk-in closets
  • Garage add-on
  • Cathedral ceilings and vault
  • Larger, more spacious rooms
  • Extra storage space
  • Closet-type pantry
  • Open floor plans
  • Island kitchens

Advantages of Modular Homes

Shorter Delivery Time: We can design and construct sectional style houses very quickly because our craftsmen are able to create and work on multiple sections at once. Then, when everything is complete, the sections are pieced together on the plot of land. This shortens the delivery time considerably, allowing you to move into your finished home sooner.

Customizable Options: Choose from hundreds of designs, layouts, and options throughout the home. Pick the façade, decide on your building materials and energy efficiency, change the flooring, walls, and paint schemes, modify the floor plan and major features. Get custom home construction without a crazy price.

We are Albany’s Best Modular Home Construction Company since 1986!

Our team is on a mission to become the largest modular home construction company in upstate New York. We are working toward that goal by providing the finest customer service and continuously improving our skills to ensure we are on the cutting edge of home design trends as they arise. We pay our builders very well, which is one of the reasons we are able to attract and keep the top talent from the Albany area and around the region. Our crew excels in their work because their compensation is tied to your satisfaction. When clients see great results, we receive hundreds of referrals which aids in our business growth and expansion. We maintain a strong level of leadership that oversees every project to ensure that we only deliver the highest in quality craftsmanship time and time again. That is why we are consistently rated as the top home builder in the entire Capital Region.

The large goals we have set for our company pushes us forward each day as we strive to be your trusted modular home builder in Albany for the foreseeable future. We will continue to reinvest in our human capital and equipment to make sure we are always providing the best workmanship around. So if you want a prefab house built that is completely customized to your specifications, we are ready to take your call.

Our mission is to be the most trusted, reliable modular home design and construction company in upstate New York.